Select International Education Specialist (Select) assists you to make a study plan for your success!

Select sees education as the most important thing that helps us to realise our vision. Select assists Students who want to study in Australia and provide superior Student support, helping you to carefully select the education institution that can offer you a variety of opportunities and the right course that best suits your needs.


Why Select International Eduation Specialist?

Our key management people have worked in the Education industry and have dealt with Students, Education Providers and the Immigration Department. This has given us the chance to best assist students from around the world (Asia, South East Asia, Europe and South America etc.) for all enquiries and problem solving that they have faced, both for education and everyday living whilst they are studying in Australia and New Zealand. This included Thai students that we have assisted to ensure that they all are well taken care of and happy.

This experience, plus other qualifications has helped us to understand the School system and to understand Students needs.